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Every day, Gaiascope forecasts more than 3.8 MILLION individual data points on the electric grid. Each hour we forecast over 700 price points, 967 generating units, 4,413 bus-level loads and 9,840 line and transformer flows.

For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that’s 1.4 BILLION data points forecasted each year!

This proprietary approach enables Gaia to provide its sustainable energy clients with superior insights for making strategic and actionable, trading and dispatch decisions.

Client-Centric Bid, Offer, and Dispatch Recommendations
Electricity Price Forecasting Capability
24/7/365 Continuous Improvement and Supervision


Trading & Risk Management Software

Gaiascope’s Terra Platform revolutionizes optimization for renewable assets, as your foundation for mastering the art of trading and dispatch. Leveraging our distinctive approach to modeling the physical grid, powered by artificial intelligence, Terra empowers you to maximize the value of every MW of your solar, wind and battery projects.

Terra is your dynamic guardian, constantly evolving, with a commitment to perpetual innovation, meaning you are supported by the most advanced, up-to-date insights every hour of every day, all year round.


Maintaining planetary balance and combating climate change.

Gaiascope is dedicated to maintaining planetary balance, and we know the best way to drive investment in sustainable energy assets is to make those assets as profitable as possible. For every $1 million invested in a sustainable energy asset instead of fossil fuels, that’s 2 million metric tonnes of annual CO2 avoided. We do our part by providing clients the best possible tool to optimize returns of their wind, solar and storage assets.

Why Gaiascope?

Gaiascope brings its best-in-class software, the Terra Platform, combined with deep trading expertise to create value. We combine physical modeling, AI and trading acumen to serve you in an unparalleled fashion.

Proven Results via
Affiliated Fund

As a demonstration of our software and trading capabilities, Gaiascope actively trades in electricity markets via its affiliate, Upward Leader Fund I LP. We have yielded remarkable results averaging 60% annual returns, with the the fund acting as a test bed for price forecasts, trading strategies, and risk management.


Customized Trading

Gaiascope’s experienced traders work closely with you to understand your assets, goals and risk tolerance.  We combine the power of the Terra Platform with the knowledge of our team to provide forecasts and trading recommendations that maximize returns and minimize risk.


One size doesn’t fit all.

We work through a detailed evaluation and optimization process before live trading.

Building the Brain of the Grid

The grid is too complex for any human or team to completely understand and model. Only AI can forecast with the accuracy and speed required to optimize wind, solar and energy storage assets in volatile markets.

Our AI software does all the heavy lifting for you. By taking data from multiple sources, coupled with our physical models of the grid to accurately reflect the reality of current conditions, Gaiascope provide accurate and actionable trading and dispatch recommendations that are unique to your asset.

Gaiascope Approach to Asset Evaluation & Optimization



Ready to realize a higher return?

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